Dr Nicole Gunton graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1991.  She has undertaken post graduate studies in Behavioural Medicine and has been conducting extended behavioural consultations since 2003.  This has included recent employment at a Melbourne pet services and behaviour specialist clinic.  Nicole now has her own practice as Gunton Behaviour and  provides professional pet behaviour consultations in clients’ homes in Melbourne.

Behavioural medicine is applicable to dogs and cats that have problems such as anxiety (including separation), destructive behaviour, barking, aggression, toileting in the house, or any other behaviour that is happening at inappropriate times, or excessively.

There are dogs of all obedience abilities that have behavioural problems.  Behavioural problems, such as anxious dogs, are different to training problems. Obedience trainers are important to help teach your dog manners, but even very well trained dogs can have problems coping in certain situations.  Seeing a veterinarian allows for the use of medications, if required.  Anxious dogs are often not able to be retrained until their anxiety is decreased.