“Your support with our dog was invaluable and without you the reality is that he probably would have been put down and we would have been devastated.”

“Thank you so much for all your helpful advice and directions. The quality of our lives is enormously improved.”

“Life around here has changed for the better. Gertie is so calm and happy that people can’t believe it is the same dog. I am putting all the training in place and have the whole family on board.  In fact the reaction has been “are you sure this is the same dog Grandma?”  The change in Gertie’s behaviour has been extraordinary. There is the occasional woof but nothing like the previous constant barking.”

“It was such an interesting afternoon and I learnt so much especially how we humans contribute to the dog’s behaviour. And we thought we were doing the right thing by getting in traditional trainers to train our dogs.”

“Nicole has an amazing knowledge of animal care and husbandry.  We had years of difficulty with one of our cats. I had tried every conceivable product and had been to many vets regarding his toileting issues. We had spent $1000’s of dollars replacing furniture and floor rugs. $100s were spent on different types of litter and cleaning products. The constant cleaning and disinfecting was getting very upsetting and we thought we might have to give away one of our beloved pets.  Nicole came to our home.  She assessed our floor plan of the house, and took into consideration our other pets.  After one visit and doing something as simple as changing the position of the litter trays and feeding arrangements, we saw immediate improvements. Our cat now has some medication to support his anxiety. We are so very grateful to Nicole, in the last few months he has only had 2 accidents, which is an incredible result as this was occurring daily prior to Nicole’s visit. Nicole’s work now allows us to truly enjoy our pets and has alleviated so much stress in ourselves and our cat.”


“I wanted to let you know that our dog has been going great since we changed her medication.  Fortunately, she is able to be left home alone, even outside, without causing any trouble.  So thank you so much!!! We finally have a normal dog. Life changing stuff.”


“I’d also just like to thank you so much for your support through this, there were a few times a 5am that I was thinking she would need to be rehomed because I was getting sick from not sleeping! It was an awful time and we really appreciate your help.”

[Smokey, a Staffy/Heeler, was a refuge dog who had clearly suffered ill treatment as a puppy. Adopted at the age of two he was clearly a nervous dog and when, some years later he had come to the attention of the Shire and his prospects did not look good, we asked you for help.]
What you might call Smokey’s approach to life has been transformed. The once unsettled, apprehensive and sometimes aggressive behaviour is a thing of the past. We appreciate very much the time and care and guidance you have provided since that first visit to see our dog in his home environment. I think our relief is shared by Smokey too. He is so clearly a much calmer and happier dog. There has been on-going evidence that the program and treatment you planned for him—and us!—continues to work wonders. Now Smokey’s truly lovable nature shines out. It’s very likely that without your intervention his prospects would have indeed been bleak.

“I want to send you an email to say a huge thank you for your time yesterday. I honestly can’t wait for the future and seeing some positive change for both of my girls. It’s been a tough few months and feeling like I couldn’t help my girls was really weighing down on me. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is really lovely. I also feel your approach is incredibly refreshing. I am glad I was referred your way and I feel with your guidance we can really make progress here.”